Board of Directors

Interested in being a part of your child's daycare experience? Want to stay in-the-know and offer valuable opinions and ideas?
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Here you will find more in-depth information on what it really means to be part of the Board of Directors at the Unicorn .



Members of the Board are elected at an annual public meeting of the membership. In order to
assure continuity of the leadership of the centre in 2004 the by-laws were changed to elect members
to a two (2) year term with half of the members assuming a one (1) term in the first year to assure a
continual regeneration of members.

Although it is not necessary for a board member to have children enrolled at the Centre we require at
least 60% of the board members to be parents/guardians of the Centre. A parent representative
from each of the programs offered at the Centre is required to be on the Board. At least 2 board
members must be parents of children in the Unicorn Too program.

Monthly meetings of the Board are held from September to August inclusive. Additional meetings
may be held at other times as required.
When in the opinion of the Board a member of the board has not fulfilled the duties of a board
member, that member may be dismissed. Any Board member missing three (3) consecutive Board
meetings shall be required to resign.
No Board member shall be a relative of any employee in the Centre.
A majority of the directors shall form a quorum (half plus one) for the transaction of business.
Questions arising at any meeting of directors shall be decided by a majority of votes. In the case of a
tie, the president shall cast the deciding vote.

The Board of Directors is accountable to the members of the Unicorn Children’s Centre which are the
parents/guardians of the children enrolled at the Centre, for the effective management of the affairs
of the Centre. It is the members (parents/guardians) that constitute the “ownership” of the
organization. Board members stand in for the ownership, operating on their behalf.

The Board of Director’s must:

1. Direct and govern the Centre according to its stated constitution and by-laws, ensuring that the by-
laws are consistent with the Centre’s purpose, policies and practices.
2. Ensure compliance with legislation affecting the Centre.
3. Be fiscally responsible for the Centre and accountable to the members and community.
4. Approve and monitor the Centre’s operating budget.
5. Plan for and acquire sufficient funding to operate the Centre effectively and ensure it’s future
financial stability (ie. Setting fees, fundraising)
6. Assist the executive Director in formulating/reviewing long and short tem goals and objectives
of the Centre.
7. Provide guidance and support to the Executive Director and staff who manage the programs,
services and operations.
8. Encourage parental involvement.
9. Develop strategies to ensure sustained growth of the Centre and ensure the Centre is meeting the
needs of the community.
10. Regularly evaluate; policy development, program effectiveness, the performance of the
Board and Executive Director.
11. Ensure that the Centre has the right profile in the community.
12. Interpret the purpose and programs of the Centre to the community.
13. Keep aware of community needs and trends so that they may be reflected in the Centre’s
policies and programs.
14. Establish the necessary standing and adhoc committees.



-Provide counsel and advice. Give the benefit of its judgment and expertise as well as its familiarity
with the community.
-Consult with the Executive Director on all matters the Board is considering.
-Refrain from handling administrative matters that are staff responsibilities.
-Provide consistent and sound funding for the organization’s programs.
-Provide support to the Executive Director in all decisions and actions that are consistent with
established policies and standards.
-Hold the Executive Director accountable for the day to day administration of the Centre.

-Evaluate the work of the Executive Director in a regular and formalized performance appraisal


Chairperson: shall when present, preside at all meetings of the corporation and the Board of Directors.
The Chairperson shall be charged with the general management of the affairs and operation of the
corporation, subject to the authority of the Board. The Chairperson and Secretary shall sign all by-
laws and special resolutions.

Vice-Chairperson: shall in the absence of the Chairperson, fulfill the duties of that office.

Secretary: shall be clerk of the Board of Directors. He/she shall attend all meetings of the Board of
Directors and all members’ meetings and shall record all facts and minutes of all proceedings in the
books kept for that purpose.

Treasurer: shall keep full and accurate books of account in which will record all receipts and
disbursement of the corporation and shall be aware of the financial position of the corporation at all

Members at large: shall attend meetings and vote on issues as they come up. They may also be asked
to sit on any of the following committees in which they may have an interest.


The Unicorn has 3 standard committees; finance, fundraising, and strategic planning. These
committees meet as necessary depending on the year. Much correspondence is done by email,
phone and or regular meetings as necessary. The committees are responsible to study an issue or
item and make their recommendation to the board for a vote before action is taken.